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Justin was home alone his sister was a senior this next year and was celebrating her 18th birthday at summer camp and his parents went to visit her He was watching TV and wondered if his sister had anything that he could take for blackmail so he could have her do his chores He got the idea from a show he was watching where the sister had pills and another sibling used them as leverage He ran up to her room and began to search He opened her drawer to find lace lingerie under some of her clothes Not exactly drugs but it would work He pulled them out and looked at them knowing his sister wasnt supposed to own anything like this He decided to take it to see what would happen when she found them missing He ran to his room and shut the door putting them on his closet floor for a moment He started to get dressed for the day and looked at the lingerie What does it feel like to wear he wondered He paused naked and decided to try it on He slid on the panties they were very tight Then he put on the bra and stockings They didnt really fit at first but now they seemed to stay on He walked around then decided to take them off There was a sharp pain across his body as it molded and changed He screamed in pain and fell to the ground His crotch burned his nipples hurt as they grew harder His entire body became smooth and hair began to cover his eyes His chest grew soft and began to grow his hands became smaller as suddenly his bones even began to change The pain subsided he lay on the ground as the pain turned into warmth He pushed his hair of his face and looked at his body Justin realized that he was no longer a he Two large round breasts filled the bra she slid her hands over them and bounced them She moved her hands down across her smooth skin to her much larger and rounder hips Silent she moved her hands across the top of panties and down to her crotch She had a vagina now and upon touching it she gasped She ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror seeing a beautiful 16 year old girl in the reflection She touched her face in disbelief then grabbed her breasts again Still in shock she backed away from the mirror Suddenly she heard the garage door opening from downstairs her parents were home
AwesomePineapple Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017
You know, it isn't nice to steal the work of other people.
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